International Arbitration

Businesses have a need for flexible, neutral and efficient alternative dispute resolution methods which correspond to the economic reality of today’s world.

Arbitration is currently the standard for the resolution of international commercial disputes. It provides for efficient and confidential dispute resolution, in a neutral forum, and results in an arbitration award that can be easily enforced in most jurisdictions.

Parties can jointly decide (in the underlying contract or via posterior agreement) to entrust one or more arbitrators with the resolution of their disputes and adopt a procedure that fits their needs.

We represent our clients in a variety of arbitration proceedings, ad hoc or under the rules of arbitration institutions such as the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), the LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration), the ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes), the AAA (American Arbitration Association) or the CCJA (Common Court of Justice and Arbitration), and in pre-litigation, settlement agreements and post-arbitration proceedings.

Your challenges

Achieving effective solutions in a complex international legal environment

Before the dispute materializes, defining and selecting the appropriate procedure

Companies do not always wish to refer their disputes to local courts and prefer inserting arbitration agreements in their contracts to refer their cases to arbitration in order to be before a neutral forum, benefit from a flexible procedure and obtain an award that can be easily enforced.

Defining the most effective and appropriate procedural strategies

Companies seek pragmatic and efficient solutions, for solving their disputes as well as for procedural management. With arbitration, parties can choose the most appropriate procedure for their dispute.

Understanding and apprehending the different arbitral procedures and being able to act taking into account different cultures and foreign laws

In arbitration, as compared to litigation, parties may face a multiplicity of applicable laws, to the merits and the procedure, and different legal cultures which are not typically taken into account in litigation.

A solid understanding of your business sector

Arbitration is suited for complex disputes and diversified sectors such as energy, aeronautics, technology, engineering, construction, telecommunications, financial services, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Being assisted in recognition and enforcement proceedings as well as proceedings for setting-aside arbitral awards

Although arbitration is a private justice system, local courts exercise a limited control ex-post facto as part of the recognition and enforcement of awards or in setting-aside proceedings.

Implementing amicable resolution as an alternative to litigation

Arbitration is a last resort solution. At the outset, and at any stage of the proceedings, parties may wish to hold direct negotiations, mediation or conciliation.

Our way

Continuous support to ensure that your interests are defended

A thorough knowledge of commercial arbitration

We assist and advise companies in arbitration proceedings under various arbitration rules (ICC, LCIA ICSID, AAA, UNCITRAL, CCJA). With our team composed of lawyers trained in France and abroad, we have experience managing arbitral proceedings.

A strong commitment in order to meet your real needs

Our goal is to resolve your disputes through creative and pragmatic solutions. We represent clients in varied types of commercial disputes, notably in the construction, infrastructure, energy and distribution sectors. Our team, trained in France and abroad, and composed of attorneys admitted to practice in Paris and New York can work in French, English and Spanish.

An international network of leading foreign attorneys and experts for your arbitration and post-arbitration proceedings

We rely on our network of trusted partners (foreign attorneys and experts) in order to offer our clients the best advice on any issue of fact and/or foreign law and in the enforcement of awards.

A flexible organisation for a tailored assistance

Our team closely works with its clients to build the most relevant strategy in light of their expectations, their needs and their constraints.

In-depth knowledge of enforcement and setting-aside proceedings

We appear before local courts in recognition and enforcement proceedings and in setting-aside proceedings, in France and other jurisdictions.

Clients' stories

How to extend an arbitration clause contained in a contract between two parties to a parent company?

A company party to a distribution agreement wishes to rely on an arbitration clause contained in the agreement against the parent company of its counterpart.
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How to obtain documents held by an opposing party in arbitration proceedings?

A client wishes to obtain documents held by the opposing party in the course of a document production phase, in application of the IBA rules on the Taking of Evidence. Thus, it requires assistance in managing this phase.
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How to recognize and enforce an arbitral award?

A party to an arbitration has obtained a favorable award. It wishes to recover its claim and seeks to have the award enforced in several jurisdictions, including in France where recoverable assets have been identified. It is essential to obtain first the exequatur of the award before enforcing it by common means of enforcement.
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How to prepare for arbitration in the case of a shareholders’ dispute?

A corporate shareholder in a joint venture is prevented from managing the joint venture in breach of the shareholders’ agreement which contains an arbitration clause.
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How to constitute an arbitral tribunal?

In having recourse to arbitration, the parties can refer their dispute to arbitrators with profiles suited to the dispute
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How to prepare for arbitration proceedings?

Following major political events, a company is forced to suspend the execution of its contract
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How to initiate arbitration proceedings?

In order to settle a dispute, arbitration proceedings must be initiated by submitting a request for arbitration
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How to challenge an arbitral award?

After an arbitral award has been rendered, a party has identified irregularities and wishes to challenge it
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