Ethics & Compliance

A robust compliance system allows companies to prevent and manage risks, its implementation is for them a stake of credibility, growth, and serenity.

As a business intelligence tool, compliance is a way for companies to be highly attractive, to facilitate a steady development of their business and to protect themselves against possible sanctions. Compliance must therefore be included in a long-term strategic and business approach reflection.

This trend of self-regulation, encouraged by the Sapin II law, the law on the duty of vigilance and all the extraterritorial legislations relating to the fight against corruption and money laundering, to international sanctions and embargoes, requires companies to implement several crucial actions for which we provide tailored advice, support, experience and expertise in order to comply with the needs of these companies, taking into account their specificities, their value and their operational constraints.

Your challenges

Tailored implementation, assessment and improvement of effective compliance programs with regards to the specificities of the company risks specific to the sector of activity and its geographical location.

A compliance program that meets the highest standards

In addition to meeting its legal obligations, the implementation of rules, policies, procedures, audits, controls, and trainings ensures the strengthening of the company's image and limit its risk exposure.

The adoption of the "compliance culture" by the company, its top management, its employees, and its business partners

The "compliance culture" which must be adopted by companies, their top management, their employees, and their business partners is very broad and includes human rights, environmental protection, CSR, data processing, competition law, cybersecurity and any other area that may affect the integrity of the company.

Prevention and control of risks

These risks, whether reputational, financial, legal, or administrative, must be anticipated.

Implementation of the most efficient tools

Management of third parties, monitoring of funds use, enactment of clear rules, information of all the values, expectations, and standards to which the company adheres etc. are aimed to prevent and control the exposure to risk and is a key component of the longevity of the company.

The guarantee of effective measures

The company must also seek the effectiveness of measures for good governance, healthy growth of its activities and a limitation of its liability search.

Identifying and remediating to any deficiencies in the compliance program

Any deficiencies in the compliance program must be investigated, analyzed, and improvement or remediation measures must be put in place.

Our way

Implementation, assessment, and improvement of compliance programs in close collaboration with the client in order to take into account its particularities.

Strong experience in supporting the implementation of strong and effective compliance programs

Independent compliance expert and monitor in the context of resolution agreements negotiated between global French groups and the World Bank.

High expertise in all the measures for a compliance program that meets the highest standards

We provide expertise in the assessment or implementation of companies' compliance program, including code of conduct, risk mapping, internal alert system, third party screening (due diligence, monitoring), accounting and financial audits, internal controls and employees’ trainings.

Recommendations aiming to ensure the effectiveness of the measures, the limitation of the risks incurred as well as taking into account the operational constraints of our clients

We ensure that our recommendations guarantee the effectiveness of the program in place and are in line with the activities and risk exposures of our clients and the context of our intervention (monitoring, pre- or post-acquisition, alert).

Tailor-made support according to the circumstances

We assist our clients in dealing with alerts, controls of the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA), or prosecutions or sanctions by authorities, including in an international and multi-jurisdictional context.

A personalized response to our clients' expectations

We also support top management in the implementation of these various actions and the compliance program of their companies.

A strong network of trusted partners

We work with trusted and cherry-picked partners (experienced and specialized foreign colleagues, forensics, strategy consulting firms, alert processing system providers) to offer our clients, the highest possible level of service at the fairest possible cost.

Clients' stories

How to best carry out a corruption risk mapping?

Following the discovery of facts likely to qualify as corruption, a company decides to update its corruption risk mapping to ensure the non-recurrence of these acts and its compliance program effectiveness.
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How to respond to allegations of international sanctions violations?

Preliminary investigation initiated with regard to contraventions of European restrictive measures.
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What position to adopt with prosecuting authorities in response to allegations of corruption?

Multi-jurisdictional investigation with concurrent jurisdiction and international criminal cooperation between the prosecution authorities regarding allegations of corruption
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What to do when receiving a whistleblower report?

Formulation of serious allegations of fraud and abuse of corporate assets by a former employee following his departure from the company.
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How to choose the appropriate export licence to export dual use goods?

A company faced with the classification of its goods exported from France as dual-use goods
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How can you ensure that your compliance program is reliable?

A monitorship pursuant to a settlement agreement negotiated between a company and the World Bank through a compliance program evaluation
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How to prepare for an interview in an internal investigation?

Summoning an employee to an interview during an internal investigation to be heard on the facts
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