European Arrest Warrant, Extradition & Interpol

Individuals subject to extradition proceedings, arrest warrants or under INTERPOL notices have tools to make their defense arguments.

International criminal law provides States a range of procedures to enable them to have an individual arrested outside their borders.

Extradition and European arrest warrants are international criminal cooperation mechanisms which allow a requesting State to have an individual arrested by the State in which he/she is located in to prosecute him/her or enforcing a sentence.

The intergovernmental organization INTERPOL issues red notices, allowing law and order agencies of member states to proceed with the arrest of the targeted person. It is possible to obtain the withdrawal or red notices.

The preservation of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals being essential, we bring our expertise in the defense of individuals subject to these procedures.

Your challenges

Preserve your rights in the event of an extradition decision, European arrest warrant or issuance of a INTERPOL notice.

Understanding the issues involved in the extradition process, the European arrest warrant and INTERPOL Notices

Due to the complexity and rapidity of the processes, individuals need to understand the legal issues of the extradition request, the European arrest warrant or the INTERPOL red notice they are subject to.

Knowledge of the consequence of the extradition procedure, European arrest warrant and INTERPOL notices

Extradition, European arrest warrant and INTERPOL red notices have significant legal and reputational consequences on the individual’s personal situation in that they may involve notably safety measures impeding fundamental rights and freedoms.

Contesting an extradition decision or an European arrest warrant

Extradition and European arrest warrant procedures are procedures strictly regulated by the Code of Criminal Procedure and for which the individual can bring a claim before the Investigating Chamber and the Court of Cassation under specific conditions.

Challenging a Red Notice issued by INTERPOL

The procedure for challenging a red notice issued by INTERPOL is carried out before the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s files and follow a specific procedure for obtaining access to the notice, its correction or its deletion.

Our way

Guarantee the effectiveness of the rights and freedoms of individuals subject to an extradition decision, a European arrest warrant or a Red Notice issued by INTERPOL.

Extensive knowledge of extradition, European arrest warrant and INTERPOL notices

We have significant experience in these complex international criminal procedures to enable the individual to understand all the potential legal consequences involved.

Legal advice and representation to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the individual

We provide legal guidance and strategic advice to address all legal and reputational issues faced by individuals and to ensure their rights and freedoms effectively.

Expertise in challenging extraditions, European arrest warrants and INTERPOL notices

We advise our clients and represent them by challenging extradition requests and decisions, European arrest warrants, or an INTERPOL notices before the relevant jurisdictions, and we provide legal and strategic advice in order to defend their rights.

A network of expert in international criminal law

We have experienced worldwide partners in order to provide the most complete follow-up and legal support to the individual facing international criminal procedures.

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