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Navacelle Greetings 2022
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Navacelle is a Paris based law firm which helps the world’s leading organizations solve their legal and compliance challenges.

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29 November 2021
Three questions on Paris Legal Makers (In French)
Three questions to Stéphane de Navacelle, delegate of the President of the Paris Bar for the influence through law, on the Paris Legal Makers, a leading international me...
Stéphane de Navacelle
Managing partner Navacelle
29 November 2021
The French Anti-corruption Agency’s practical guide to preventing conflicts of interests
On 18 November 2021, the French Anti-Corruption Agency (“AFA” or “the Agency”) published its definitive guidelines to preventing conflicts of interests. These gui...
Julie Zorrilla
Partner Navacelle
Pierre Calderan
Associate Navacelle
Alexandre Desevedavy
Trainee lawyer
21 October 2021
Etats généraux du droit social – How to prevent and deal with psychosocial risks: focus on the internal investig...
Stéphane de Navacelle participates in the workshop on internal investigations at the États Généraux du Droit Social organised by the CNB - Conseil national des barrea...
Stéphane de Navacelle
Managing partner Navacelle
Guide to Corporate Internal Investigations
9 November 2021
Guide to Corporate Internal Investigations by the American Bar Association
Julie Zorrilla and Stéphane de Navacelle contribute to the International Guide to Corporate Internal Investigations by the American Bar Association.
Stéphane de Navacelle
Managing partner Navacelle
Julie Zorrilla
Partner Navacelle
13 April 2021
Artificial intelligence at the service of cross-border investigations (in French)
Stéphane de Navacelle answers Arnaud Dumourier, Editor-in-chief Le Monde du Droit, on artificial intelligence in cross-border investigations.
7 June 2021
Amicus radio – Episode 5: Compliance and internal investigation – what future? (in French)
Reflections on the growing importance of compliance and internal investigation in business practice, their strengths and weaknesses, their challenges and future developme...

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