Banking and Financial Criminal Law

As a result of successive crises, an increasing number of standards have been imposed on credit institutions, including in criminal law.

Banking and financial criminal law, which includes among other offences insider trading, disseminating false or misleading information or price manipulation, but also soliciting or money laundering, implies a specialized defense to companies in the banking and financial sectors.
Companies in the banking and financial sectors are in fact required to comply with certain accounting and professional obligations, to conduct internal controls on the sensitive operations they carry out and to negotiate. If they fail to do so, they risk criminal liability.
We provide our clients our expertise in banking and financial criminal law to best meet their needs. If necessary, we defend them before criminal courts or before the regulatory authorities throughout the proceedings.

Your challenges

A good understanding of the risks according to the activity and the form of the company

Companies and their representatives in the financial or banking sector must be able to understand the legal obligations to which they are subject by virtue of the nature of their activity or their form so as to be well aware of the different measures to take and of the risks incurred in the event of a violation of these obligations.

Controlling risks and emergency situations

These risks, whether reputational, financial or judicial, must be anticipated.

Effective crisis and ermergency management

The entity must adopt the most appropriate behavior for a good crisis management by cooperating with authorities in investigations, while ensuring protection of its interests and continuity of its activities despite the risks incurred.

Implementing a coordinated communication of information related to the litigation

Whether in the context of criminal or administrative investigations, companies must be able to implement smart communication with the authorities, the opposing party and in some cases with the Media. Communication which is effective allows companies to have an efficient legal strategy.

Identifying the relevant elements to one’s defense in the litigation at hand

Companies must be able to identify and transmit all elements useful or necessary to verify compliance with legal obligations (accounting, supporting documents, etc.), regardless of their apparent degree of impact, in order to allow for an optimal legal strategy.

Good handling of the media coverage of cases

White collar cases are likely to attract media and press attention, particularly when they involve large institutions in the sector concerned. The latter must therefore be able to manage communication with the press in order to preserve their presumption of innocence and their defense strategy.

Our way

A strong experience in advising our clients at each stage of the criminal or administrative proceedings

We assist our clients in a sustained and continuous manner at all stages of the criminal or administrative proceedings by providing advice and expertise on a case-by-case basis and by preparing them for all stages of the investigations as well as for hearings and negotiations with the authorities.

Relevant expertise in the management of crisis and handling of the procedure

We have developed a specific expertise in the management of emergency situations and crises by anticipating and reacting appropriately to any new elements that may appear in the course of the proceedings and anticipate as much as possible for any issues that may arise in the course of the proceedings.

A regular and controlled follow-up of clients’ cases

We are committed to regularly update our clients on the status of their case to develop and maintain good communication and relationships and to provide them with the best possible preparation and the best chances of success.

Support and legal advice tailored to the circumstances of the case and the needs of our clients

We assist our clients in all types of criminal banking and financial law proceedings, for example in the context of investigations for market abuse, price manipulation or dissemination of false or misleading information by the National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF) or by regulatory authorities such as the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), but also in the negotiation and homologation of “judicial conventions of public interest” (CJIP).

A personalized response to our customers’ expectations

We assist our clients, whether individuals (such as directors or officers) or legal entities in the banking and financial sector, in the prevention of or in response to a potential lawsuit, to advise them or even assist them during litigation procedures. We also prepare them to manage the potential media coverage that their case may attract.

A strong network of trusted partners

We rely on a trustworthy network of practitioners (experienced and specialized foreign colleagues, consulting firms in strategy and risk or transaction management) to offer our clients the most complete service possible at the lowest cost.

Clients' stories

How to defend oneself from illegal banking solicitation?

Proceedings opened against a Swiss banking institution for illegal solicitation in France.
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