Internal investigation

A fundamental tool in the prevention, detection, and management of risk within a company, the internal investigation is increasingly implemented.

Internal investigations are meant to prove or to refute the veracity of facts likely to be at the origin of sanctions and/or an engagement of responsibility, in order to bring a fast and effective response.

Internal investigations cover all kinds of facts that are likely to be illicit and to characterize, for example, offences of harassment, corruption, money laundering or fraud. They are useful in the prevention, evaluation, and management of risk.

It now also is criminal defense argument in a context of negotiated justice, and more precisely in France, in the implementation of a Public Interest Judicial Agreement (“Convention judiciaire d’intérêt public” - “CJIP”). We regularly assist companies in conducting internal investigations, and we do so in compliance with the ethical obligations imposed on lawyers (professional secrecy and independence) and the best practices developed in this area.

Your challenges

Effective risk management

Internal investigations are tools for assessing the legal, operational, or reputational risks to which a company is exposed, which facilitates their control.

The implementation of reporting tools

The development of internal investigations and the associated risk management are dependent on the existence, within the company, of effective reporting procedures and mechanisms, in addition to compliance with the provisions relating to whistleblower protection.

An internal investigation procedure in compliance with the best practices

Internal investigations are a sensitive exercise and must be carried out in compliance with the applicable rules, in particular those relating to the processing of personal data and those relating to the respect for the privacy of employees.

An effective and strategic response

Following an internal investigation, the company must be able to draw consequences and take corrective measures (improvement or creation of new internal procedures, disciplinary sanctions, remediation, exchange with the authorities).

A renewed use of the internal investigation

In addition to being a strategic tool for the development and securing of a company's business, the internal investigation is, since the Sapin II law, a condition for benefiting from a “CJIP” and helps to demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with the authorities.

Our way

A strong experience in the realization of internal investigations

We have been conducting internal investigations for many years for very large companies and SMEs in various sectors, which has enabled us to develop a great expertise in this area.

A precise knowledge of the internal investigation procedure led by outside counsel

We carry out internal investigations in compliance with the highest applicable standards and with our ethical obligations, in complete independence, with integrity and in compliance with professional secrecy.

A support at all stages of the investigation

According to an investigation plan discussed with the client, we collect, process and study data useful to the demonstration of the truth, we interview relevant persons, and we draft an investigation report which enables us to analyze the situation and propose the adequate remedial measures.

A team that is reactive and adaptable to clients' needs

Because internal investigations are generally synonymous with crisis situations, we are able to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.

A strong network of trusted partners

We work closely with trusted partners (such as foreign law firms, forensics, consulting and auditing firms, or suppliers of alert processing systems) in order to provide our clients with the most complete and qualitative service possible.

Clients' stories

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« To this day, no jurisdiction has had to decide the question of the lack or insufficiency of adversarial process in an internal investigation »
Julie Zorrilla
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