Risk management

Communication of information in the context of investigations led by foreign authorities can constitute a risk for companies.

On the basis of a number of foreign extraterritorial laws (in particular anti-corruption laws such as the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act (UKBA), but also more recent laws such as the Clean Company Act in Brazil and the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China (PRC), requests for information in the context of international investigations from foreign authorities (US Department of Justice, “DOJ” or UK Serious Fraud Office, “SFO”) are increasing.

Despite the existence of rules which are aimed at securing data and therefore the economic interests of the State as well as those of French or foreign entities, such as the law n°68-678 of 26 July 1968 (known as the French Blocking Statute) or the Hague Convention of 18 March 1970, their implementation is not always easy.

Your challenges

Processing foreign requests for documents and information while monitoring the risks for the company

Anticipating the risks resulting from foreign requests for documents and information

Before responding to a request, the company should seek an analysis of the legal framework thereof to understand the issues at stake and anticipate the risks.

Handling cooperation with foreign authorities

In the context of international cooperation, the company should be able to assess the impact of the blocking statutes and should care to preserve its data of economic value relating to business secrets, know-how or technologies.

Our way

Management of the risks incurred by our clients within the framework of international investigation proceedings carried out by foreign authorities by the implementation of a strategy tailored to their needs

A strong experience in international proceedings

Navacelle assists French and foreign companies facing, or preparing for, litigation proceedings using its strong knowledge of the rules applicable to the provision of information to foreign authorities.

Implementation of strategies tailored to your needs

Taking into account the specificity of each client situation, Navacelle helps assessing and mitigating the risks incurred in every proceedings.

Management of the relationship with foreign judicial or administrative authorities

With its multidisciplinary team, Navacelle is an efficient contact between its clients and various foreign authorities such as the US Department of Justice or Securities and Exchange Commission, the British Serious Fraud Office or the Financial Conduct Authority but also the tax authorities of a number of European and American countries.

A thorough knowledge of blocking statutes and their application in the context of complex transnational litigations

Navacelle assists and advises its clients in the context of complex transnational proceedings requiring the application of blocking statutes in order to preserve their most sensitive data, while limiting the risk of sanctions from foreign authorities.

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