Banking, financial and financial markets enforcement

Regulatory litigation (ACPR, AMF), criminal and civil litigation related to banking and financial transactions, litigation related to the liability of banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and investment firms and their directors, and compliance procedures.

Institutional players, financial and regulated actors in the crypto-asset sector, issuers or service providers of electronic money or digital services, are all subject to increasing challenges concerning regulation and liability issues.

Navacelle assists its clients in setting up procedures tailored to each structure and activity, in compliance with regulations and best practices specific to the banking and financial sectors.

Navacelle also intervenes within the framework of the AMF and the ACPR inspections, in order to ensure balanced communication with the regulatory authorities. Navacelle also advises its clients, asset management companies, financial investment advisors, banking and investment services providers in the sanctions phase, as well as in civil or commercial procedures of an amicable dispute resolution that may result therefrom.

Finally, our teams represent our clients’ interests in the context of criminal investigations, of which they are the subject to, or in which they may be required to participate as a witnesses or as civil parties.

Your challenges

Adjusting to a constantly evolving regulatory environment, managing the relations with regulatory authorities and handling litigations related to the proposed activities

Understanding the regulatory landscape

Entities in the banking, financial or stock market sector face constantly evolving regulations, at national and European levels. Integrating these ever-changing requirements by adapting them to each sector of activity can constitute a major challenge.

Managing the relations with regulatory authorities

Adjusting the strategy in terms of communication, cooperation or defense in case of inspection by the authorities, while preserving a good relation with regulators.

A strategic vision for effective litigation handling

Developing a defense strategy requires to anticipate the different stages of the procedure and assessing the responsibilities of the different stakeholders as well as the expectations of customers and investors.

Criminal investigations and regulated activities

Complaints from customers or investors and investigations by judicial authorities must trigger an adequate response from companies in the banking, financial and stock market sectors and support throughout the procedure.

Managing the reputational issues and communication

Whether in terms of amicable dispute resolution or litigation, companies must be able to adopt thoughtful communication, with the public and with the authorities.

Internal investigations and regulated activities

Whether in the context of an alert, an administrative or judicial litigation, the opportunity to launch an internal investigation can be assessed to ensure a better understanding of the issues, evaluate the materiality of the alleged facts and the potential risks for the company.

Our way

Technical expertise, excellent knowledge of compliance issues and a broad experience in legal and regulatory investigations and litigation resulting from regulated activities

Knowledge and understanding of regulations and operational issues

Navacelle has developed a specific expertise regarding regulations applicable to regulated entities in the banking, financial and stock market sectors, allowing us to address complex technical issues and understand the specifics of these industries. Based on these resources, Navacelle is able to conduct risk assessments specific to each situation.

A detailed understanding of operational challenges

The firm is keen to take into account the operational issues specific to each client, whether in the context of compliance or litigation missions, and issues specific to managers, general counsels, ethics and compliance officers and CEOs.

Tailoring specific strategies

In close collaboration with our clients, Navacelle elaborates customized strategies suited to all procedural stages, adapted to the nature of the litigation in order to grasp the issues and risks of each situation. Thus, in each case, strategies of defense, cooperation, negotiation can be assessed.

Assisting out clients in different types of procedures

We support our clients s, whether companies or individuals, on a wide range of situations including when they are target or subject of investigations or affected by the actions of a third party. To do so, we adapt our strategy and means of action to all stages of the procedure (AMF or ACPR inspection, administrative investigation, judicial investigation). We also assist our clients in judicial investigations related to money laundering, fraud, market abuse, etc., whether in defense or while representing civil interests.

Understanding of transnational issues

Our experience and our network of international experts allow us to understand, anticipate and manage situations involving investigations or litigation in different jurisdictions. Our main target is to include into our defense strategy the issues and risks encountered due to the plurality of jurisdictions ensuring therefore an optimal communication with each regulatory and judicial authority.

Supporting or conducting internal investigations in the banking, financial and stock market sectors

Because of our strong experience in the field of internal investigations, Navacelle offers support, that goes from punctual assistance to the management of investigations, in accordance with the clients' objectives, whether they are internal or take part of an ongoing procedures. The firm also assists regulated actors and service providers in other EU Member States providing services in France.

Clients' stories

How to handle an ACPR inspection?

Dealing with an ACPR investigation over the anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) system.
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