How to prepare for an interview by AMF investigators?

Reacting to a summons to an interview within the course of an AMF investigation

Procedure initiated in the context of suspected market abuse

As part of an investigation opened based on facts potentially amounting to insider trading, a company and its manager have been summoned to answer the AMF investigators questions.

Our client's challenge

What behavior should be adopted with AMF investigators?

In the case of a summons to an interview in the context of an AMF investigation, limited information on the procedure is communicated to the interviewees. The challenge for our clients is to be prepared to answer the questions asked while anticipating on the potential consequences of the procedure.

Our way

Adopting the right behavior, prepare and keep control on the information provided

Thanks to its specific expertise, Navacelle offers support from the very first stages of the procedure.

Our experience in AMF procedures together with our technical expertise both in professional regulatory obligations and on market abuse cases enables us to rapidly understand the situations that our clients may face and to anticipate the authority’s concerns.

Navacelle helps preparing for the interviews by drawing up a list of questions that may be asked and by advising on how to behave in front of the investigators. We also attend the interviews alongside our clients, to ensure that their rights are respected, to limit unexpected situations and to avoid compromising the rest of the procedure.

Then, throughout the investigation, our team assists our clients to build together a defense strategy, to control the information provided, to file briefs and more generally to carry out any useful procedural action.

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