How to best handle the opening of an AMF inspection?

Reacting to requests made in the context of an inspection

Administrative inspection procedure initiated on an asset management company

Assistance provided to an asset management company during a visit by AMF inspectors and then at the various stages of the inspection.

Our client's challenge

Ensuring effective communication with AMF representative while preserving your rights and the confidentiality of the procedure

When AMF inspectors send requests to a regulated professional, precise answers should be provided to ensure that they are well informed on the company’s activity while asserting your rights to protect your interests and anticipating on the following procedural steps.

Our way

Responsiveness and precision: tailor-made assistance

We were informed by the CEO of our client, an asset management company, that the AMF inspectors had come to their offices. We immediately met him on site and assisted the company in responding to the authority’s requests.

We participated in all the discussions that took place, gathered the inspectors’ requests and organized the communication of the documents sought, making sure to keep confidential elements out. This allowed us to have an overall understanding of the case in order to be able to quickly submit relevant briefs to the AMF.

Considering the information gathered, we also advised the company on the remediation measures to be implemented, which helped avoid its referral to the Enforcement Committee.

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