How to choose the appropriate export licence to export dual use goods?

A company faced with the classification of its goods exported from France as dual-use goods

Company exporting technology with cryptography

Need to apply for a license to export dual-use goods from the European Union to the Dual-Use Goods Unit (DUG) after the exported goods have been classified as dual-use goods.

Our client's challenge

Choice of export licenses for the authorization to be granted

Dual-use goods are those that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. They must be authorized to be exported. Several types of licenses authorizing their export are provided for by European and French legislation.

Each export license has its own specific characteristics depending on the export location, the frequency of export or the quantity of goods exported. Some licenses allow goods to be exported on a permanent basis but require an internal control system to be implemented. These internal systems must ensure the identity of the end-users and the final location of the exported goods.

Depending on the classification of the goods being exported, the location of the end-user and the quantity and frequency of the exports, the choice of a type of license must be made and such decision not always obvious.

Our way

Understanding of the exporter's activity and needs

We assist and advise the client based on the precise characteristics of the goods to be exported, the needs and the location of the export sites.

We present the different EU and French legislation on the export of dual use goods. We strive to present clear and precise legal and practical advice on the issue of export of dual use goods and accompany Clients in the choice of the appropriate license.

Once the choice is made, we assist them when applying for export licences at all relevant stages before the French SBDU. We also provide support for the implementation of monitoring programs that are required as part of some export authorizations such as global licences.

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