How to respond to allegations of international sanctions violations?

Preliminary investigation initiated with regard to contraventions of European restrictive measures.

Prosecution for breaches of international sanctions

Following operations carried out in an embargoed country, a French company was investigated in the context of a preliminary investigation opened for a breach of EU sanctions.

Our client's challenge

Demonstrate the absence of breach of international sanctions

Trade sanctions are often the results of diplomatic and geopolitical considerations which renders the legislation complex and time varying. These measures may restrict international through various means such as the freezing of assets or the prohibition to make funds, resources or services available to certain designated persons or entities. Any decision to trade in a country affected by sanctions must therefore be subject to a legal analysis.

Violations of international and EU trade sanctions can render legal persons criminally liable for such violations and inflict considerable reputational harm. The defense for violations of trade sanctions is de facto based on very technical legal arguments as to whether or not the regulations apply to the specific case.

Our way

Legal analysis and assistance during criminal proceedings

In tight cooperation with our clients, we provide in-depth assistance by analysing the legal situation relating to international sanctions at the time of the facts to determine the existence of a risk. We thus identify and measure the legal and reputational issues that may arise for the targeted person.

Our legal advice not only considers the legal and reputational risks of the allegations of trade sanctions violations but also a strategic approach to criminal procedure through our experience of such proceedings. We strive to prepare to the best of our ability our clients to the challenges that they face by using our recognized experience and ability.

Therefore, depending on the analysis conducted, a defence strategy is developed, studied, and validated by the client. Once approved, the firm accompanies the client in the development of such strategy, step by step, with reassessment at each stage to achieve the expected result.

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