How to prepare for arbitration proceedings?

Following major political events, a company is forced to stop the execution of its contract.

A State initiates arbitration proceedings against a company operating in the oil industry

Arbitration proceedings initiated before the ICC by a State due to the non-performance of a contract for the installation of piping solutions by a company.

Our client's challenge

To obtain payment for the performed portion of the contract

In a specific context of termination of the contract due to major political events which forced the company to put an end to its presence in the country, the company had to argue in favor of the payment of the executed part of the contract and also the absence of all liability regarding the termination of execution.

It was therefore necessary to master both the stages of the arbitration procedure and to construct a legal argument based on the local law, the law applicable in application of the contract.

The stakes were both high in terms of costs and in terms of reputation for this world leader operating in many politically unstable countries.

Our way

Collective work carried out to build a solid legal argument

As we are accustomed to working jointly with our clients in order to provide them with the most appropriate options, we offer them a detailed presentation of the various stages of the arbitration process and implement a schedule. This allows us to build a strategy, anticipate and prepare the legal arguments.

Based on its experience in internal investigations, our team conducts a detailed factual analysis supported by document review and interviews with our clients, which allows us to identify the possible legal options. These are then compared and supplemented by the opinion of a local law expert, if necessary.

Our mastery of arbitration procedures and access to a network of experts in many countries around the world allows us to build the strongest possible legal arguments and implement the best conditions for success.

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How to prepare for arbitration proceedings?

Following major political events, a company is forced to stop the execution of its contract.
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